How to use WPR to record Windows boot process


In this article I will show you how to use “Windows Performance Toolkit” to make a trace of Windows boot sequence, in order to troubleshoot slow logon.

First of all, you need to download the Software Development Kit (DSK)

After running the sdksetup.exe you should select one of the following options:

SDK setup

The first option will install Windows performance tool kit on the computer running the setup. The second one, will allow you to download an offline setup files that can be executed on an other computer.

For our purpose we will chose the first one.

Click next and accept the license agreement.

SDK setup 01

Click on “Windows Performance Toolkit” and then install.

Reboot your computer to finish the setup.

To make a trace of your boot sequence, type “wpr” from the windows start menu and then click on “Windows Performance Recorder”.



On the “Performance scenario” menu choose “Boot”.

Type “1” for the numbers of iterations and then click the sart button.


Select the path where the trace file (.etl) will be saved and click on the “Save” button.


After you click on the OK button your system will reboot and “Windows Performance Recorder” will record all the boot phase.

After you open your windows session WPR will end the trace and will save the file in the specified path.


Generaly the trace file will be a hundred of Mb till Giga bytes.

So if you want to share your trace or send it by e-mail, don’t forget to compress it.


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